9 of the best cycling water bottles, how to find the right bottle for you

The classic way to avoid dehydration, with some new twists


The best cycling water bottles will enable you to ride better and for longer, by offering easy-to-access hydration on the go. Classic squeezy designs, there’s a bottle to suit all types of cycling.

Yongrisheng’s team of experts have put the best to the test to bring you our top water bottles for cycling. Just slot them into your bottle cage and you’ll be on your way. 

  • Model NO:PE-009

  • Volume:500-550ML


It’s no surprise Elite describes the bottle as a racing water bottle.
With a modest 550ml capacit.
We can customize OEM and ODM according to your requirements to create our own brand of beautiful water bottles
The bottle fits easily into the hand and the cap is easy to drink from on the move.
Despite its svelteness, the Fly slots into standard bottle cages without bouncing out.

  • Model NO:PE-010

  • Volume:500ML



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